Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Upturn

PBS by night from the scary curly wurly ramp to the car park

I hadn't been having the greatest of times but then what do you know, two great thing happened on the same day. Number one, I finished the quilt, for some reason the quilt had been difficult and I thought it would never happen but all of a sudden, there you go. 

Number two and the better of the two things is that Ed Vaizey the minister for Culture and other things is also the minister in charge of listing buildings. As luck would have it he's a fan of post-war architecture. Put those two things together and the very beautiful/awful depending on your view Preston Bus Station finally received Grade 2 listing yesterday. 

yes, this was taken from a moving car

Given half the chance Preston/Lancashire County will still demolish it but that task just got a bit harder. The hard work starts today to restore and cherish the one remarkable building in the place*. Hooray! Big applause, cheers and pats on the back especially to John Wilson for all his hard work and FOI requests to get to the facts and cut through the spin. Not to mention this amazing banner.

interior PBS, December 2012

*Yes, Preston has some nice old buildings but none are really so unusual that you can't see something similar anywhere else in the country


  1. What a beautiful building. I'm not surprised you were happy at it being listed. It's a gem.

    1. Hi, thanks for nipping in. It's lovely isn't it. Makes me so sad to see how neglected it is but so happy to know that these mid century buildings are receiving some protection, including PBS that's 5 this week.

  2. Never been to Preston but I love that bus station - the interior is fabulous - perfectly functional. It's nice to see something listed that isn't your usual twee, ten-a-penny, country-house type affair. Where I live we used to have loads of fabulous art-deco industrial buildings but they've all been knocked down now and replaced with Homebase or PC World - so depressing.

    1. ''That is depressing, in the future we'll kick ourselves for letting this stuff go. We went to an exhibition in Blackpool during the summer called "Lost" and it covered some of the amazing buildings that have been demolished in the name of progress. Including a photo of the most amazing marble staircase that is now part of the foundations for a bridge over the M6.