Friday, 20 September 2013

The Next Month

This has been a week to forget. I rarely think TGIF but today I have and then Big Grey Bunny decided to round the week off by being ill and I hung a sheet out to dry and it would appear I'm bleeding from somewhere. Where I do not yet know, probably a quilting injury. But the next month, oh the next month there's a lot going on. 

Next week my brother goes from just being a bloke to being a dad, my mum goes from being my mum to being a Nanna, we get to see the delightful Stewart Lee, there's a beer festival the week after, in three weeks our overseas visitor will be here - she's had her online check in so it's really happening *yay* and all that is before the start of the Rugby League World Cup. 

This is why we save, I remember now. Every time I think it's painful something comes along to remind me why we do it. Whether it's seeing an old statement from one of the debts we paid off, hearing there are to be more job cuts where Dan works or having something fun to do and knowing there's a little bit of cash stashed away for it. Whenever we say "no" now it means we can say "yes" or "thank goodness" at some other time when we really need it. I'm glad about it and I hope we have the luxury of choice for a good long while. 

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