Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Surprise Happenings

I hear it may be a sign of maturity.

1. It was colder yesterday so I thought I should cook something hearty.

2. I did cook something hearty.

3. I enjoyed doing it!

4. Something really bad happened to someone I don't like and by her own admission "detests" me and I didn't take pleasure from it. 

5. Not even on the inside. 

6. I was overjoyed when I heard a branch of my bank was opening locally. 

7. I gave someone advise about a cleaning product.

8. I helped a youth find his way home and playfully told him off at the same time (all in fun, he laughed a lot). 

9. I made a sighing sound when I got into bed. 

10. I didn't try on a frock Dan likes because "I wore that style first time round". 

Next I'll pay attention to the weather forecast and then where will I be?


  1. Oh no, you'll soon be wandering round the house in slippers, having stretchy waistbands on your trousers and skirts and dusting regularly!
    Love from Mum

    1. Two of those things already apply. Now if I could just motivate myself to dust...

  2. You'll be saying "Young people these days...." any minute now!

    1. Ha! I'll let you know, I feel we may be close to a breakthrough there.