Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Photograph Archive

It has just hit me how long this is going to take. 

Got up, got stack of pictures, got computer, got ancient scanning device. No cable. Dan was on his way to the hospital. Hunt around all the obvious hiding places, such as in the back of the scanner where it lives. No cable. Text from Dan, cable located. 

Plug in device, no response. 

Hunt around for driver and instructions online. Scanner gets ear trumpet and shouts "oh, you mean me?"

Scan image - NO!

Scan image - NO!

Scan image (after having done nothing different) - pause, think, shuffle, coughing and spluttering YES!

Tiny image spits out onto the screen. Scanner sounds pleased with itself and goes for a snooze. It is 43 minutes later, I have hundreds of pictures... Still, at least I'm not working on that quilt. 

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