Monday, 16 September 2013

Opening Christmas Gifts

In my view the worst gift is the gift voucher. It's not the same as cash, it's a controlling gift. It's the gift that says "I couldn't be bothered to know enough about you to actually buy you something but I don't want to give you the freedom to choose where you buy something from by giving you cash". I know I'm in the minority with that as everyone I ever voice this opinion to tells me at great length the reason it's ok for them to give everyone vouchers. I'm never convinced. Even when the recipient asked for vouchers I don't think they really did, they really wanted cash but buy into the social thing where it's not polite to ask for cash so they plump for the voucher because that's ok for some reason. 

A lot of people tell me that the worst gift is the toiletries gift set. Technically I think it's second on the list as it's really unimaginative and it was almost certainly bought on a 3 for 2 or in the sales but at least it's useful. My mum insists on buying us each a gift set every year for Christmas despite the fact she knows we use a couple of particular brands of toiletries. I don't know why she does it, she just can't help herself. 

For me they're like a "break glass in an emergency" box. Yesterday was that day. We ran out of handwash, I needed to clean the shower and the shower scrubby puff thing collapsed into an untied pouch of plastic. Breaking into the gift set gave me a bar of soap to replace the handwash, a shampoo and conditioner combo to use to clean the shower and a new scrubby bath puff thing to clean myself. Another shopping trip delayed!


  1. I'll agree about the gift vouchers. I had a devil of a job spending one at WH Smith once. Crappy toiletries come in useful as a donation for the bottle school at the school and scout fayres.

    1. Funnily enough, that's the voucher that tipped me over the edge the other year!

  2. I wash my wool jumpers with shampoo and conditioner,there is plenty the the whole street could use some of mine.
    Toiletries gift set after Christmas here in Australia are so cheap.I am shure some of my gifts are bought then.
    Gift vouchers here could be used in the bottle shop,so lots of French vine If you get some.
    My eldery relatives still send cash with the card to us.Is it safe?So far we got them.
    I only give a few gifts mostly cash or vine or vodka(for eldery relatives)