Thursday, 26 September 2013

October Menu Plan

A bit all over the place as we have our overseas visitor (Em) for the week and the Rugby League World Cup starts so we'll be out and about doing various things, but we're still at home most of the time so here it is - 

1. lentil bol
2. quorn and leek pie
3. plaki w herby potatoes
4. curry and something
5. enchiladas

6. roast of some kind with pepper sauce
7. tagine w bulghur
8. shepherdess pie
9. l/o
10 out
11 out
12 out

13 out
14 out
15 out
16 out
17 out
18 curry and something
19 bean burgers/falafel w. spicy wedges

20 nut roast
21 singapore noodles
22 tacos
23 jambalaya
24 leek and butterbean crumble
25 chilli
26 curry and something

27 out Hull, PNG v France
28 out/ pasta bake Rochdale, Fiji v Ireland
29 goulash
30 chestnut cobbler
31 chestnut risotto


  1. And I struggle doing a menu for the week - do you manage to stick with this? - I think I would be swapping and changing all month but I would like to have a go at a monthly plan. Perhaps I will try for half way and do a two weekly plan.

    1. Hi, thanks for nipping over.

      I find it fairly easy to stick to, it's far easier for me to look at the list and just do it than stand in the pantry at 4 o'clock wondering what to make. Rather than making me feel constrained it releases the pressure of having to make something as the hard part is already done for me so it makes cooking more relaxing.

      We don't necessarily stick to it to the letter but it gives me something to react to. If, for example, we're supposed to have shepherdess pie but I don't fancy it I know I can make jacket potatoes with baked beans and mushrooms, lentil curry or a lentil and potato bake or something like that it with the same ingredients.

      Most of the meals come off the back of another one, for example, I know I need half a tin of butterbeans for the butterbean bake so it makes sense to have jambalaya the previous day as I can stick half a tin in that. We'll probably also go shopping the evening we have the jambalaya so I can empty the fridge and stick everything in the meal so there's no waste.

      I've been menu planning for a long time so it's fairly simple to do now. When I first started it was structured around curry on Friday, roast on Sunday and pasta on Tuesday then all I had to do was slot other things in around that. It built from there.