Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Year

The made-over bookcase is no longer pride of place in the living area. Big Grey Bunny has been in a right old mood this week and has eaten the stereo cable, the lamp cable and last night she ate Dan's sandwich. Well, she thought she wanted to eat it but then decided she didn't like it so just took it off the table and chucked it on the floor. We've decided to find it charming.

The bookcase is now upstairs in the spare room and looks pretty pretty pretty good. Of course moving one thing lead to lots of other things needing attention as is the way. Long story short I made another doorstop. This one features a lobster. So that helped me to fiddle while Rome burned. 

I'm suffering from that "new term" feeling, I'm sure everyone is. I've decided I'm too fat (again), too unhealthy (obviously), too untidy, not creative enough etc etc. To the extent that I even picked up the freebie paper with a list of college courses. Being in the land of the distinctly middle aged the Adult Education options near me were - learn Italian (basic and advanced), learn Spanish, "I've always wanted to paint" (yes, that's what it's called), watercolour painting, English as a second language and enjoy classical music. Perhaps I could spend £99 on something else. 

I don't need a college course. Deep down I know that everything I am thinking about is just a way to avoid the fact that I need to weed the garden and finish that flipping quilt. I don't need something new, I need to get on with it!


  1. Go for it, Batman!
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks Mum,

      I did some weeding yesterday and in the bit of the garden we haven't fully dealt with yet I found a fuschia (sp) *yay*. There's a big tangle of a climbing rose, ivy, honeysuckle and something else I don't know what it is and now another teeny plant amongst it all.

      I've also got the quilt out. It's glaring at me, I think I may have a fight on my hands!