Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Friends In The Right Places.

Firstly a big clap and cheer for my friend Von. She rescued me from a life of mock croc nails. I bought some nail polish for the party on Friday and it wouldn't come off. I had a poke around the internet and it's a thing, very difficult to remove. Up pops Von with some hardcore professional tips to remove the stuff. Now my nails are clean but my hands are black. Better. 

Von is the best, we have pretty much nothing in common but we get along very well. She makes me laugh a lot and is just a sweetheart. It's not good to just be around people and opinions that you agree with, you can't learn anything new it just keeps you ploughing the same whatsit. 

I was called "closed minded" the other day, which was a mild surprise. All I did was ask a question and I have always been told there are no stupid questions and if you don't ask you won't learn. But there you go, I learned something! I think what I was trying to get to with my question was that just because something isn't important in my life doesn't mean I can't accept that it's important to someone else (like football and cats). In this case it was supernatural stuff, specifically luck. 

It was suggested to me "change your thinking change your life... whatever works works". I used everything I've learned from Etiquette Hell and thought "what an interesting assumption". Why would someone think that I wouldn't be able to accept that if someone believes something is good for them then it is, why do they think they are right and that I should change? I've heard of a placebo after all and we all have comfort food, blankets, pre-game rituals and routines.

For the record I just don't care whether luck, ghosts, gods or the perfect pair of shoes stuff exist or not. I take the view that something has meaning if someone ascribes a meaning to it and that's that. For me, things don't have intrinsic meaning, we create it and that's why if we talk for long enough we could all get along because there will be that one thing we have in common.

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