Monday, 2 September 2013

August Budget and Clothes Shopping

Summary of the August budget is that we spent all the money. So that's good, we dealt with things properly.

We went clothes shopping in Carlisle on Saturday. I love going to Carlisle we also do really well shopping there. There is also the small matter of the great health food/veg*n food stall on the market - sadly they didn't have any Sweet Vegan marshmallows this time. I don't know why we do so well, I have a tendency to end up trying on clothes that are very seasidey/pirate-inspired if I go shopping here so maybe I just have a different mindset. Or maybe it's something to do with how amazingly nice the people are there. Or that it has the most entertaining underpass I've ever used. 

I went for basics. A basic black skirt for those early evening meal into a few drinks things that keep cropping up and a black dress to wear for nights out. You know, those versatile bits and pieces that work really hard when you add different shoes and all that caper. My problem with that is it's sooooooooo boring, my eyes slide off them and over to something more interesting. So instead of hard working basics I have a black and white dress, some kind of Beetlejuice inspired skirt and something neon. I tried. 

So I had 48 items I chucked a dress (other than the bit that turned into a doorstop), the denim skirt and a pair or trousers. Added to the wardrobe was the frock, skirts and a knitted top. Also a beret and some shoes. What I learned from this is that I need a belt. 

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