Friday, 27 September 2013

A Very Good Week

Last week was not a good week. This week has been a great week - 

my niece was born
I finished the quilt
I had my hair cut
Bunnies have been very cute
Dan finally bought two winter coats
The pantry looks great
Lots of birds in the garden
I still have Martha Stewart Living to read
We have nothing to do tomorrow
We opened a new bottle of face wash
I found something I didn't know I'd lost
Saw some old photographs and had a good laugh
Arranged to meet up with two old buddies
Our World Cup tickets arrived *yay*
I made some soup and it was delicious, despite promising myself I would never try again I did and it was a success
It's 13 days until Em arrives
I've started a new quilt
We went to Lancaster to see Stewart Lee
Preston Bus Station was granted listed status
I need to buy more fabric for the new quilt *yay*
It's nearly October
We've planned another day trip to wonderful Birmingham

That is what I call a good week. 


  1. May all your weeks be good weeks. Let's see a picture of the quilt and your new fabric when you've bought it.
    Love from Mum

  2. And the very same to you. I will supply some photos :)