Monday, 23 September 2013

A Grand Day Out and Housewife Anxiety

Next month Dan's Croatian pen pal is coming over to visit for a week. She loves all things British and frankly knows a fair bit of about the place that is foreign to me. She is keen to explore but doesn't want to do the traditional touristy things, she's more keen to go to the places and do the things that British people would do. 

I've probably said before that when she and her husband came over last year for the weekend I threw it out to my friends - what is a traditional British weekend, all views welcome. The answer came back - take them to Wetherpoons. Hmmm. 

So what are we to do. We know she hates Manchester, loves Liverpool and was charmed by the Ribble valley and Southport (no, she didn't see the sea). She wants to see The Lake District and I've demanded a trip to Shrewsbury. But where else? We can go as far north as Dumfries, as far south as Shrewsbury and as far east as Hull. Can't get much further west than my house or we'd be in the drink. 

Even though there's too much choice about days out, it's the days in I'm stressed about. She also wants to learn about my days. Dan will be at work for two of the seven days so I will be alone to entertain. I've heard that she would really like us to cook together. She is an amazing cook and baker, I am a reluctant one. What to do? Practice cooking leek and butterbean crumble every day for the next fortnight until it's acceptable for someone other than the regular members of the household? Hand over my recipe box and let her do it while I direct then declare it's just how I make it when it's delicious? Have a G&T and not worry about it? All of the above?

I know people always says "people are there to visit you not your home" but on this occasion that doesn't apply. What is a girl who does not clean behind her fridge, to do?


  1. I'd have the G&T! Take her shopping, let her choose the ingredients and help her to cook. Take them out for fish and chips? Baked potatoes are easy with different fillings possibly. Let her bake some bread and have a salad, your version and hers. Bung it all in soup?
    Just a few ideas but the G&T sounds the best. Let us know (in detail) how you get on.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks Mum.

      I did a practice run with some lentil soup yesterday and it was declared to be "delicious" so I might make that. She loved Booths when we nipped in there last time she was over so I think letting her run around in there might be a good idea then we'll see what we can make with it all.

      I certainly won't forget the G&T.

  2. We often tootle to Hull on the motorbike. We live just outside Whitby - always popular to visit - is it too far for you? Can recommend Mr Chippy for fish and chips.

    1. I haven't been to Whitby for yonks. It would be about 3 hours from here I think so on a nice day would just about be manageable. I'm going to put together a few day plans ans let the good lady pick and I'll add that to the binder. Thanks.