Wednesday, 28 August 2013

September Menu Plan

Hooray, September, start of lovely food time. Summer is not the most exciting food time to me, I'm not really a salad person and so much of summer food is meat or cheese based it's can be a bit of a strain to think of exciting stuff to eat when it's warm and you are a lazy person. A pet hate of mine is when I look online for vegetarian summer recipes and the top ten are all puddings. Hmmm.

But if it offends you then I'm giving out the warning, it's in here. Conveniently September 1st is a Sunday. For ease of brain power we're going back to having curry on Fridays. 

1. nut roast with veg and tons of potatoes
2. italian bean casserole
3. dhal stuffed peppers
4. stirfry
5. lentil potato layer bake
6. curry
7. bean burgers w. wedges

8. roast
9. garlic and butterbean stew
10 risotto
11 chilli
12 l/o
13 curry
14 pizza

15 chicken and mushroom pie (not chicken, probably butterbeans, maybe chestnuts but it must have that chicken and mushroom pie vibe apparently).
16 enchiladas
17 ratatouille
18 jambalaya or l/o
19 lentil bol
20 curry
21 singapore noodles

22 roast
23 out
24 biriyani
25 creamy pasta with herb crumb topping not really creamy, but not tomatoey
26 thanksgiving pot pie
27 curry
28 bean burgers

29 pasta bake
30 shepherdess pie


  1. Your September menu plan looks wonderful, I wish my hubby would agree to more vegetarian meals, he thinks it stops with egg and chips lol.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for dropping in.

      Reading lots of blogs I realise how easy it was to stop eating meat, there are lots of "no meat no meal" folk out there, lol.

      We stopped eating meat due to finances so it was a case of not having much choice about the matter, I think stopping altogether was actually Dan's idea. He continued to eat a bit of fish for a while afterwards but not for long. Really I was the big meat eater of the two of us so it was probably more of a change for me.

      I try to vary the ways we eat the same things, I'm not a great cook nor an enthusiastic one but I do my best!

  2. Thank you for dropping by earlier :-) My daughter is veggie and there are some good looking ideas for a menu plan here for her to try. What is Thanksgiving pie? Sounds interesting.

    1. Thanks for nipping over here.

      Thanksgiving Pie is a lovely mushroom and lentil pie from I leave out the potatoes and add some cooked chestnuts instead *yum*