Friday, 30 August 2013

Retrospective August Menu Plan

I didn't write a menu plan for August beforehand due to hot weather and the not-holiday but here's a list of what we had without the plan - 

1. biriyani
2. baked beans and wedges *yum*
3. pizza

4. fry up
5. biriyani (it was so nice on Thursday) and falafel
6. harissa spiced sausage pasta
7. white bean chilli w. bulghur
8. plaki with roast potatoes
9. out
10. leftover picnic

11 stiry fry w noodles
12 out
13 out
14 out
15 out
16 falafel sandwich w leftover picnic
17 baked beans and wedges *mmmm*

18 out
19 enchiladas
20 jacket potatoes w roast veg and spinach grill
21 sandwiches
22 nothing!
23 no idea, must have been a classic
24 bottom of the fridge surprise. 

25 yucky pie
26 pasta
27 tagine
28 lentil soup
29 nut roast, pepper sauce, veg
30 stirfry
31 chickpea curry

What we can learn from this is that we didn't eat particularly well without the plan! Ah well, we're still here. 


  1. What on earth is yucky pie?
    Love from Mum

    1. It's a ready made pie we bought from a supermarket and it was yucky! It was mushroom and caramelised onion, but the pastry was flabby and the filling was neither here nor there.

      I buy something like that occasionally to see what the shop bought version is like so I can turn it into something I can make. Won't bother with this one.

    2. Yuck, sounds disgusting.