Friday, 16 August 2013


I wouldn't ordinarily interrupt a not-holiday but something happened. I haven't mentioned Widnes for a wee while, it's because we've been terrible. We did our best to miss the game last night but there we were, ready when kick off arrived.

We were what is known in the trade as "shellaced" by Hull FC away. It was a disgrace. We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last Sunday at home to Castleford (we were 10 points up with 15 to play). Thankfully Dan and I decided not to attend as it had the potential to ruin our time off so we went to Arnside instead. We got soaked but at least we were happy.

Last night was the return leg of the Derby, away at Warrington. Somehow, some way we will never really understand over the Easter weekend Widnes beat Warrington at home, what a day that was. Happy as larapin all the way home. After some heavy defeats and shipping points like water no-one was all that confident about last night. Warrington had the chance to go top of the table with a win and we were on the slide. Add to that former bad boyfriend Gareth Hock and the delightful hooker Jon Clarke were both out for Widnes. 

If anyone is still here you may have guessed we won. And we won the hard way. Hooker Grant Gore was called up for his first start with Clarke being out and the poor lad fractured his kneecap in the first half. Not great. Then just before half time loose forward Hep Cahill was sent off for Widnes after an unpleasant (but accidental imo) high shot on Brett Hodgson the very talented and popular (in our house) Warrington full back. But we were still in it with the score at 6-4 at half time. 

The second half of away games is not often a happy hunting ground for Widnes, thankfully in the wet conditions Warrington decided they wanted to keep turning the ball over and we made the most of it. Patty Ah Van scored to put us ahead for the first time then a fantastic break and pass by Rhys Hanbury gave the ever wonderful Joe Mellor the opportunity to put a great kick though to Jack Owens for his second try of the night. What a try! I think we'll all be talking about that for years to come. No Widnes (or any other sports fan) ever takes anything for granted and right up until the final hooter we couldn't be sure the points were safe and that we would indeed do the double over the Wire. But we did and with 12 men and I believe we were the first team this season to keep Warrington below double figures, final score 6 - 16. Well done Widnes and a speedy recovery to Hodgson and Grant Gore. 

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