Monday, 5 August 2013

Happy Thrift

Train voucher update - Dan contacted the company to tell them the voucher wasn't included in the letter and they're sending another out today. A two minute chat, very impressive customer service. It can also be used on any train so that's even better.


We're really fortunate at the minute that we don't have to scrimp and save. Well, we need to save but we are not currently worrying where the next meal will come from or whether we'll have enough money for bills. This year we have burned our way through a lot of money though and so I find myself on this beautiful, rainy morning thinking about making some savings around the house and looking to spend less rather than just make the cash do more. Of course that means deciding to do more, some of my more will be very small. 

First thing is water. I'm not a huge fan of the flask, we have two and despite trying to keep one for water and one for hot drinks they both stink of coffee. Last year we went for a tramp around Grizedale, got to the top of the hill, sat down for a drink and had to drink cold coffee flavoured water. Not good. I've soaked them, washed them and they still smell of coffee. It's the snozzle spouty bit, yuck. So it is hard for me to want to give the flask another go but in the spirit of not buying bottled water I've done the hot water and bicarb thing and now everything is soaking in hot water and soda crystals. If that doesn't work then they're gone. It's not just the smell though, it's the clinking and clunking in the car. I know that makes me sound like a brat (I know I am one) but it gets on my pip no end. But I am trying and that must count for something. Of course I have just thought of a solution for that - I have a shopping bag with an insert for bottles, I've just tried it out and it fits into my rucksack so clunky flask problem solved! One of the flask seals has disappeared but if I use that one for water and it's kept upright in the rucksack it should be ok. 

Second is electricity, I used to do a unitwatch every week in our old house, but here it's a pain to get to the meter so I don't do it. I don't need to check to know that having my laptop and the tv on at the same time is a waste of energy. So it's one or the other now, I already know I'm not concentrating on either thing fully if I'm trying to do two things. 

Third is kitchen and bunny waste. We still haven't built the compost bin. We're in this weird situation where we have the wood to build it with and we could do it but as Father said he'd do it then it would turn into a big thing if he came over and we'd already done it. I realise all my excuses are ridiculous but these are my reasons! When we have the compost bin we'll cut down on lots of waste, bin bags etc. It's more the bunny stuff than kitchen stuff as we don't chuck that much away - I don't peel if I don't have to. But the buns generate a lot of mess between the litter tray, fluff and the shredded cardboard, having a nice bed-turned-into-composter will be great. 

Teeny tiny tweaks, who knows if they are meaningful.

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