Thursday, 29 August 2013

Good Mundane

If you like insights into a very ordinary person's life, you have come to the right place.

Had a little look at Facebook this morning and there was good, even great, news! The Caravan Gallery is back, back for the SAS Music and Arts Festival (7th - 14th September). Hooray! Better still the evening before funtivities begin is the book launch. We knew the book was coming and now here we are, days away from seeing it. I can't wait! All manner of Lytham St Anne's based treats in print form.

This week I did a zero cost makeover on a soon-to-be-dumped horrible grey Billy bookcase to make a living-in-the-house different shade of grey Billy bookcase. Now we don't have to double stack our books on the shelves upstairs and I don't have to leave my stuff strewn all over the coffee table when I don't want to put it away. Hooray! Big grey bunny believes it to be a ladder though in slightly less positive news so until a Lego solution is built there's a laundry basket providing scant protection. Dan's bread book has been an early casualty.

In advance of my shopping trip (if that's not an overly grand way to describe it) I am now down to 46 items of clothing. Spurred on by Linda's comment yesterday I got rid of a denim skirt - I wear it but only because it's there. I also got rid of a grey dress, not so pleased about this because I love it but I discovered a hole. On the plus side I need a grey doorstop for the bedroom so I can use the fabric for that. I also enhanced my wardrobe by about 6 items through the simple act of ironing. I ironed clothing for one full hour yesterday and what do you know, things I was over looking are now wearable. It's a miracle. 

We have a new five year financial plan. Hooray! We moved the mortgage earlier this year and it's fixed for 5 years. Our freedom fund savings are coming together faster than initially planned so that will be done in less than the three years we'd anticipated. So that frees up a couple of years to continue to save to replace the crumbly kitchen and ok-not-great bathroom. Sounds good to me. We've also made a perhaps rash decision about the living room. We took the carpet up a long time ago due to chewing by a big grey bunny and her sidekick, the plan being to replace it with a nice wood floor. But, you know, it's not going to happen, we don't have the cash and it's never going to be top priority. So we're going to fit another carpet and have a ridiculous arrangement of bunny protective devices in every corner, hope for the best and see how it goes. 

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