Monday, 5 August 2013

Free Passes

Dan contacted the train company after his not much fun train and bus slog to Nottingham the other week. On Friday a letter plopped onto the doormat from them. There was a nice letter of apology and an explanation of the length of delay he had and the travel voucher that covered that level of delay. That's a good thing. Only there was no voucher included. All sorted out with a simple phone call but it caused more eye rolling than necessary. 

We decided to do something on the spur of the moment on Saturday so we went out then decided to hop onto the train to visit a couple of bars in the next town. Our station office was closed, no conductor on the train and no station office at the other end, so nowhere to pay! Not wanting to push our luck we walked the 4 miles home so we felt a bit better about the unplanned freebie. 

A while ago we talked about getting a pass to get us into various museums in Lancashire, we decided against it and have bought a National Art Pass instead. It's not a cheap purchase at £60 for the two of us but I think we'll get full value from it, especially as Bowes Museum is part of the deal and we were prepared to spend about nine quid each to go there next week. The app that goes along with it is very useful and simple to navigate, it lists everything that's free or reduced price with the pass but also all the things that are free for everyone. 

After a fairly decadent weekend and spending out on the pass I feel I need to do a bit of work to make parts of next week a bit more cheap and cheerful. Glasgow will be fairly expensive as we plan to eat out there, but other than that I am aiming for the other days to cost no more than £10 each (not including getting there). Should be fun to see if we can do that and if we can't there is money in the budget for a small amount of splurging. It's all cheaper than a hotel room for a week. 

For the next few days I'll be getting the house not-holiday ready, I'm armed with a tickling stick and some metal polish. Ready, set, go!

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