Friday, 23 August 2013

First Week Back

My first week back has not gone well. I am so tired I can hardly wake up, I keep telling Dan it must be Lyme Disease or something exotic but he claims it's more to do with getting up early after a week of lounging. I was super excited to be back as I had so many plans but now I am just jumping for joy (or the sleepy equivalent) because it's a long weekend off. 

In an attempt to jump start myself I have done some stuff, I often find it does the trick. I ventured into the garden and removed some of the many weeds and discovered that the Astilbe I thought had died is indeed doing well and is flowering. Everything has grown a lot and birds make a right old racket when you're in the garden and they want to be.

I can see the bottom of both of the laundry baskets, everywhere is scarily tidy despite the fact that Big Grey Bunny insists on digging in her litter tray. I have even dug out the beast, my sofa quilt. I love it but I just can't get it finished, it's a battle and this time I may win. I made a curtain to stop the howling wind from behind the washing machine (there's a huge gap ). I mopped the floor, that's a big deal the mop is usually only for fending off the Big Grey Bunny. This morning I did some exercises. And we only spent £10.55 on groceries and some of that was on crisps and there's still money in the bank. that's not bad for someone who has sleepwalked through the week. 

I did chuck a pan of quinoa away on Wednesday, it went very wrong. Smelled amazing but taste wise, noooooo. But that meant we did eat some houmous that might have gone west otherwise. Better than a kick in the face. Had a conversation about the pros and cons of buying wrapping paper and cards in the sale. It wasn't meant to be a pros and cons, I brought cons into it.

Ten star jumps for the Bank Holiday. We're going to something called an Art Gallery tomorrow and something is happening on Sunday but I can't remember what that is, can't have been my idea. Happy times!


  1. By the sound of all you've achieved it looks as though you've got all your energy back now! Enjoy your visits.
    Love from MUm

    1. Thanks Mum, it's amazing how much we can achieve without even really noticing.