Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Window Cleaners and Ice Cream Vans

They must be two of the most stressful domestic experiences. I know a lot of you probably think waiting for a parcel but they leave a card don't they so you can rearrange delivery or nip off to the office thing. Oh, yes, collecting from next door, that's up there with ice cream vans and window cleaners. 

When the rubbish weather was around it altered my window cleaner's cycle. I used to know when he'd be here but now it's pot luck. So I was out looking at honeysuckle this morning when I spotted him up his ladder a few doors down. So now what to do? I was sensible enough to get cashback from the shop last evening but I only have a tenner, the windows are a bargainous £8 (I'd pay him that just to do my bedroom window - oi, sauce! Not in a Confessions of a Window Cleaner way). Add into the mix it's spitting with rain. 

So do I do that funny "trying to attract your attention" dance when he cleans the living room window (he thinks I work from home, rather than just play Sim City 3000 on my computer all day). Do my usual trick of hang a small sandwich bag of cash onto the back door and hope the tenner doesn't get soaked and hope he gives me two quid back or pretend I don't know he's there and send him the cash later - he accepts cheques which is very civilised, far better than the previous guy who wouldn't accept a year's payment in advance, only called when I was out and in the end refused to clean my windows. 

Why not just go out to him you stupid woman I pretend you cry. Well, he listens to music and I once startled him so much he clutched his chest so I'm not doing that again. It's all very stressful. Hiding isn't really an option either as the back wall of my house is a big window, there is nowhere to hide. Plus the rabbits cause so much kerfuffle when he shows up I need to be there to stop them wrecking the house more than they have. 

Ice cream men are stressful for the opposite reason and makes them more like delivery men. You know they're coming but you don't know when so front door loitering is in order. But even when ready for it the arrival of the bingy bongy noise is still a surprise - then there's the problem of one shoe flying off when running out to the van, always happens. But as you know Sam and Christine promised to come back to talk about their leaflet so I can't even hang around my own front door in peace these days. 


  1. No stress here - we don't have a window cleaner and we don't buy ice-creams from a van. I'm always stressed when the doorbell or the telephone rings!
    Love from Mum

    1. Hmmmm, architect of my own downfall yet again it seems :D

  2. Well I don't have a window cleaner as there are only two upstairs windows, it being a galleried house with half the upstairs as downstairs, meaning tiny. There are two tiny ones which don't matter, one of which I can do myself and the other I don't bother about, so I 'save' that money, meaning I don't spend it on window cleaners.

    A funny story was once, I knew someone I knew was coming to ask me to sign something but I didn't know when. I had gone downstairs in my bra because the microwave had pinged, then was just about to go upstairs to put on my T shirt when the front door bell rang, I was frantically trying to find something to put around me as you can half-see a shape through the front door, when this chap went to the front window. I picked up a cushion and put it in front of me, legged it upstairs and then came downstairs cool as I could appear to open the door. I was sooooo embarrassed. I didn't refer to the incident at all but every time I see this chap I am totally flummoxed! So, it's as well I don't have a window cleaner!

    1. HA! Thanks for sharing that, I have visions of those old style fan dancers in my head now!

      I would prefer to not have a window cleaner all things being equal but there's just so much glass in this house it would be mad not to. And I'm not a great climber of ladders... I think the cost in medicinal grapes and plump cushions might outweigh the savings in getting a man in!