Friday, 5 July 2013

The Good Things

Today I ate two strawberries that I grew myself. I'm not a gardener so this is a big deal.

We attended a showing of the film "Little Shop of Horrors" last night as part of an annual festival of words Wordpool. this year it's very small but the events all look like huge fun, there's a family event tomorrow in the park, there was the film last night at the very gorgeous Winter Gardens - complete with roller skating usherettes brought to us by those wonderful folks from Aunty Social (look out for the roller derby team getting in some practice on the Comedy Carpet in front of Blackpool Tower and they're responsible for the yarn bombing and all other varieties of wonderfulness).

I am over the hate hump with my latest quilt, great timing as it's set to be super hot today so what could be better than sitting under multiple layers of fabric. Silly me. 

I am over the hate hump with cooking (I've been off cooking for 12 years).

It's nearly time for The Ashes, the Tour de France is on, Andy Murray is still in Wimbledon. Oh, I should have kept my strawberries until later. Silly me. 

I have a new neighbour. I did come over a bit old woman about it. I am used to having a lot of peace and quiet as the house next door has been empty since last year. The first thing off the van yesterday was a box of "carnival clothing" so I was mildly distressed. And now a huuuuuuge trampoline has been erected in the garden. I think the circus has come to town - what's not to love about that? I have met my neighbour and she seems very pleasant. It's exciting to have someone new. I am of course expecting to be grabbed by Geoff (have I told you about Geoff yet?). Geoff lives next door but one, he is a man who likes to be in the know. He likes us for two reasons 1. we're not renters 2. we own a Volvo. He also owns a Volvo. He lives with Val but I've never seen her, I sometimes wonder if she really exists. 


  1. That's one more strawberry than I've had from my garden!
    Love from Mum