Monday, 8 July 2013

The Boiler Guy

I am in the unfortunate position of having my heating on for the past hour. It's exceptionally hot.

The boiler guy was here. Normally you would expect me to not really want to deal with someone like a boiler guy being the awkward and slightly anti-social type that I am. Not the boiler guy. I love the boiler guy. 

He's very smiley, he's a Buddhist, he's a survivalist, he has many pets, he loves spiders, he loves the pen we have in the living room for our buns, he loves the buns, he knows a lot about fish, he takes his bearded lizard on holiday with him, he is amused that our boiler is very old but in very good condition. There is nothing to dislike about the boiler guy as he provides a boiler service at a very reasonable price. In fact we had so much fun this morning I had to remind him to take his money.

He is not like Davey the electrician. Davey is a very nice bloke but he does love a romantic crisis. He's much harder work, although it is fun to be an agony aunt occasionally. He's not like my optician who is hilarious but occasionally gets my prescription wrong and sometimes suggests I'm a drunkard and a shoplifter.

What a wonderful day it is for driving to Yorkshire to my favourite rugby league ground to watch Wakefield Trinity v Widnes. 

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