Monday, 22 July 2013


Spurred on by the visit of one of our friends in October we've decided to write and get done a snag list. We started this weekend with mixed results. 

First thing off the snag list was a new toilet seat, I've hated the one we had since we moved in but for some reason this weekend became the weekend it hit top of the to-do list. It went well. Second thing was to clean some dust from the inside of a picture frame in the living room. It did not go well. How hard can it be to take a picture down, clean it and stick it up again? I'll tell you - impossible. So now we have 3 lovely pictures and one very wonky one. I will never understand how it happened. 

Thing three can't decide whether this is a positive or a negative. I accidentally threw my phone across the room (it's not really my phone, it's Dan's old phone, I killed my phone this time last year by allowing a storm to live inside it). My living room floor is concrete, the Sony Experia cannot cope with that impact. But it was upgrade time so a Windows phone is on the way. Yes, I did choose a Windows phone because no-one else has one - what's the worst that can happen? I'll have broken it within the year. 

So it turns out that the good thing (toilet seat) was achieved by Dan, the less good things were achieved by me which makes me very nervous about whatever I do next. The snag list mainly involves paint so I'm not sure how much damage even I can do with that - 

paint woodwork and ceiling in spare room
seal the bathroom sink
caulk everything
paint the sliding door 
paint the garage
put door handles on the porch and living room doors
remove the terrible paint (applied by me) to the door furniture 
fit some weather strips to the external doors
buy shades for living room windows
sort out something to cover the weird vent things from the old heating system
get some sleep
tidy up
consider a new doormat

Most of that seems to be no-spend so that's a bonus. There are always those things babies though aren't there.

Widnes v London on Friday night went as well as anyone would have expected. I think it would be filed under "you can only play what's on the pitch". A friend of ours boss was the in-goal touch judge though so that added some extra interest. Widnes won 38-12. Nothing much to report other than Stefan Marsh finally getting the praise he so rightly (in my opinion alone) deserves. He ran the length of the pitch diagonally to stop a certain try for London, managing to dislodge the ball right on the line. He received a standing ovation and more than deserved it. Stefan Marsh enlivens dull Cheshire residents. 

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