Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rainy Day Money

We're trying to save this ten grand for a rainy day. Problem is it's just so sunny at the minute. We can't or won't stop spending money and it's making me cross. Well, I think I'm cross mainly because I can't get any sleep due to the heat but it just makes everything else more annoying.

The problem is there are a lot of things coming up at the end of the year - the Rugby League World Cup, Stewart Lee, my scream-and-get-excited night out to see They Might Be Giants. It all involves buying tickets in advance and they all cost money. Of course we are full of plans to recoup that money during those months because our social activities are taken care of for the best part of two months. The thing is, that just won't happen. It never does because although we will be out and about not needing to spend much there will be all those things on the need/want list - a new suit (or two) and winter coat for Dan, winter shoes and (horror of horrors) new specs for me, the strip that's still hanging off the breakfast bar in the kitchen, the small matter of our mate from Germany coming over for a week. There will always be something else. And it's all stuff we should deal with. 

I just can't get over that feeling that we should be saving more or we should feel like we're "living" more (yes, that again). We have money but we're not using it in the right way, or maybe we are and it just doesn't go that far. We're within budget for everything but none of it feels quite right.


  1. Know just how you feel. We suffer from payday fever, exacerbated by beer garden weather. At least you are making solid plans, and it's all future stuff rather than can't-resist-the-impulse stuff. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Donna, that's what I keep trying to tell myself!