Thursday, 18 July 2013

Oh The Drama!

*wearing my best housecoat I swoon and faint onto a handy chaise*

I have entered a period of anomie, sad but true or a slight exaggeration. Everyone is doing something, you're all doing something. Selling beautiful things, doing charitable things, growing stuff, working, rescuing chickens. How did I become the person who does nothing? Laziness, that's how. Problem solved. I think I think if I can can do it then it must be so blindingly obvious and easy everyone else must be able to do it too. Other than talk about the finer details of accent diffusion in the North West of England, I own up to the fact I know more about that than most. 

What triggered this strange state of affairs? We moved the dining table. 

We moved the bunny pen into a cooler room, it's rather warm at the minute (just reminding myself it really did happen for future reference). So after 3 days of the house being a mess we set the dining table up in the living area. What a revelation, it magically turned into a craft table with lots of room to swan around pins in mouth and scissors in hand. But it has to go back at some point and then I have a craft table no more.

My problem is I have no direction. There's nothing I need to do so the prospect of being able to do anything is too much. Plus I'm rubbish at finishing things, starting things, putting things away and remembering where things are. I used to be really good at knowing I had "enough" and maybe I just need to have a good look at myself rather than poking my head into what other folk are doing. I could, for example weed the garden, finish my quilt, have a cup of tea (that's something I really want to do), give the change jar a rattle - yes, we still have one even though I hate change, paint, sit outside with my new hat on and read Moominsummer Madness, better still put my shoes on too and read it at the beach, make some coconut cream ice cream. If I was at work this is what I'd want to be doing after all. 

Maybe I'm am the happiest girl in the world now I come to think of it. Thank you, you were all very helpful. 


  1. It's too hot, isn't it?
    Love from Mum

    1. It really is, what's happened to the bracing breeze we usually enjoy around these parts? I'll have to remember never to shake my fist at it as I chase my hat down the beach in future :-)