Monday, 1 July 2013

Not What You Want To Read About

As you know I'm not one of those frugal types who does anything to save money. I was, but at the minute I don't have to be so I'm not. As a consequence of that we "waste" a fair bit of money, but I always pride myself of knowing not to throw good money after bad.

But, I am a liar. Yesterday not only did I waste money, I threw good money after bad, wasted time and spent time with people I would rather never have met. Can you see which way this is going? Sport is the one place all sense flies out of the window. I watched Leeds run in 7 first half tried against a Widnes team so disorganised I can't even begin to imagine what happened during training this week. Grown men were angry, children were crying - even the ground staff couldn't be bothered to get the sandbags out to weigh down the advertising hoardings - to the extent that Widnes Vikings super fan Pat Price had to organise Kemik, our mascot to take time off from squirting fans with a water pistol do the job himself. 

I'd love to tell you I'll never do it again but I will and I'll love it. You know how it is, people are never happier than when they have something to whinge about and whinge we did. Somehow Widnes managed to score 5 (almost certainly undeserved) tries in the second half to get the score to a ridiculous 36-52. So I think if there's a story in there it's that it's not how you start it's how you finish. Even if I've spent money like water and things seem like they're a total waste of time (and maybe I'm even considering asking a man in a furry suit to help me) that something good can come from something bad. Bad decisions in the past don't mean I can't make good decisions later. 

Have I tortured that enough? You might get the impression from this that I wanted to make a point about money. I didn't I wanted to find some way to discuss how stupid I am to attend these games and how utterly terrible we were for at least 40 minutes yesterday. IT WAS AWFUL! 

My bad boyfriend, Gareth Hock scored two tries which was scant consolation.