Friday, 26 July 2013

Not-Holiday Budgeting

As you know I've not felt as though the budget has been going very well recently. August means the not-holiday is upon us (finally) so that could spell disaster but I hope a little planning will help. On the not-holiday we are going to Glasgow - train tickets bought and paid for and we need to fill the car for trips north, south and east plus a couple of local trips. I almost guarantee I'll demand a day out in Clitheroe and a tramp around on Pendle Hill. So petrol will be a large chunk of the budget next month, as it is every month!

Our vague idea is that on a couple of the longer trips to Spurn Point and The Bowes Museum we'll take a basic picnic with us (that way we can stop off for cake). On the trips to Glasgow and Ludlow we'll seek out something to eat when we're there so we'll just take some water and a small snack with us. The day we go to Clitheroe we'll have a cone of chips from the Castle chippery.

I'm going to be in charge of paying for picnic food, lunches and breakfast. We have already bought a bag of frozen breakfast pastries so they're hidden away until the time comes. I think most of the time we'll just have our normal breakfast - anything that involves too much washing up is a no-no. We will almost certainly nip out for a cooked breakfast at least once which is not the cheapest way to do things but it is that fantastic combination of unhealthy and delicious. Lunches/picnics will be our regular lunch with a few bells and whistles - maybe slightly more exciting salad, posh bread, some falafel, koftas or pasties and something involving bulghur - what involving bulghur I don't know, just something.  

I'm not sure what to do about evening meals though, we've promised ourselves we'll try two restaurants in the town but other than that I think we'll just have to wait and see. I don't want to over plan and end up with a ton of food we don't eat and veg that's turning to gunk in the fridge making me feel guilty from a distance! I have a budget of £30 for that which is around the same amount as a regular food shop but as I won't be providing even meals most nights there is lots of wiggle room for treats. 

For the rest of the holiday we have saved up £300 which should be more than enough for a fun packed time. Two weeks to go!

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