Friday, 19 July 2013

Mid-Month Update

We are pretty much out of money but we do have a full fridge and pantry, the savings account is more plump than before and we don't need to do anything for the rest of the month. It's hard to talk about this stuff as it all just takes care of itself. Not like the fun (in my mind) days of rifling through pockets for bonus change or finding a packet of crisps in the back of the cupboard. The money just does what the money does. This hot weather has thrown the menu plan out of the window, I had only just got my cooking drive back and now I'd happily never enter the kitchen again. 

My parents and brothers are heading off to Paris today to watch the cycling, lucky people, we will be going to Widnes tonight to watch the rugby. Not quite the same level of fun and togetherness but it does show similar levels of commitment. Did I say I wouldn't talk about that again? Oh, I've been doing that 30 day squat challenge that's knocking about and it's going well, I was a bit sceptical (as I said the other day - I'm not a finisher) but what do you know, it appears to be making my legs look very nice and my bottom region less like a Lycra-clad map of Australia and more like a rounded thing. I know you didn't wish to know that.

I can't take those beautiful house photos like other blog people, mainly because my house is a tip but if you can imagine traditional bloggy picture of a cool(ish) blue grey room with royal blue and ultramarine painted furniture, white sheets and lovely vintage style prints of the town then that's where we have moved to. 

via easyart

The grey room way just too flipping hot. There was no billowing breeze blowing off the sea to cool us as we lay so we moved to the seaside spare room and we got some sleep. Not a huge amount but almost enough. So now I am happy. 

Dan is going to get his hair cut today will there be tan lines? I'm going to attempt to be a jaunty housewife today and prepare a lovely picnic to take out with us although I fear the reality will us be melting in Widnes Town Hall car park with a wilting salad and sweaty falafel. Still, that's all part of being British isn't it. 


  1. Thanks for comment on my blog. Moorish Falafel in Norwich definitely NOT sweaty! Just looked through free Tesco magazine which suggests packing salads for picnics in individual screwtop jam jars. Is this wise? surely they will be heavy, breakable, and hard to keep cool? Ah well, I guess they are more photogenic than a plastic box and icepack.

    I think the hot weather is reducing my appetite, which is helping budget - but somehow has not helped waistline. Perhaps I should try squat challenge to help whittle thighs!

    summer blessings xx

    1. Yes I can imagine picnic salads would all look very "pinterest" in a jam jar but no, I'm happy to live with my slightly falling apart sandwich in something light and easy to carry.

      I don't know if we even have a spare icepack today the buns are hogging them all. The best I can do for myself is a small insulated flask bag!

  2. Replies
    1. Good work! Hope you're proud of them :)

  3. Enjoy your trip. Hope you don't wilt in this heat.
    Love from Mum

    1. Amazingly we did have a lovely trip. It was exceptionally sticky though - sitting on a plastic seat for 2 hours was a little uncomfortable!

      Pleased to feel the breeze is back today too.