Thursday, 25 July 2013

Just Do Your Job Woman!

I'm doing the opposite of getting a quart into a pint pot. Is that making a silk purse out of a sow's ear? We're out of grocery money and in the fridge there was one flat mushroom, a 3cm piece of courgette, 1/3 of an orange pepper. In the pantry there was a sweet potato, two shallots and a red onion. And 8 meals to make. Hmmm

So I've made some plaki with one shallot, a sweet potato curry with one shallot and the sweet potato. I'll use a bit of the onion, the pepper, mushroom and courgette with some beans to make taco filling for tonight and some leftover to make into a spicy rice thing the following day. That's all the veg gone so then it'll be beans on toast with v-pud (due to popular demand), some kind of pasta with falafel and a life-saving tagine from the freezer makes up the numbers. 

I've even run out of red lentils now. Flipping heck. Now I'm undecided what to do next month, we're having the not-holiday so I almost certainly don't need to add to the pantry but red lentil anxiety might kick in if I don't buy some...

Everwhere has fresh laundry smell, buns are cleaned out, there's no fluff under the chairs, I even have a trug full of weeds. Turns out doing my job gets things done.

Still on the lookout for a project, something that will maybe get me out of the house and maybe even meeting some people but I am very tempted by the creativity course Lovelygrey is taking, that seems an interesting thing to do. In the meantime I've got the paintbrush out, of course not to attack something on the snag list but to paint a bookcase. I was looking at it when I was on my exercise bike yesterday and thought "why not?" I think Dan is sceptical but what's the worst that can happen. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always certain about sums me up. 

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