Thursday, 11 July 2013

I Can Never Decide

Which is more anti-social - bbq's with their smoky smell wandering all over the place and meat festing outside in the musty heat or me for failing to see the appeal of this method of food preparation and the insect-dodge-dance while eating. This is before we get to the paddling pool full of bottles (it angers me, I don't know why) and maybe even the insanity that it squeezing a bouncing castle into the garden. Like some kind of domestic "fun day" only without the fund raising. 

It all seems to be part of some bigger thing where we need to have an excuse to do something we want. There's the toe-curling anger-inducing "wine o'clock"  along with "oooh naughty me drinking on a school night but I have been stressed/ had a nice day/ seen a friend/ been paid/not been paid/ deserve a treat". Take aways are subject to the same rationale. Clothes buying, having a day off work, choosing to do or not do something that everyone else is or isn't doing. We're adults, if you want to do it and have the means then do it. We  don't need everyone else to approve, or even to understand our decisions. 

In the same way that "no" is a complete sentence so is "yes". Saying yes to things can be good. When we're trying to save or pay off debts or whatever so often we decide to do something because it was free or inexpensive. But the main reasons we choose to do this stuff is because we can and because we want to. Packaging it away as something to do only when money is tight is a weird thing to do really and in some ways serves to downgrade the experience. 

We don't need to add on to make ourselves feel better. If it's fun it's fun, maybe even in the case of the overly long wait for sweaty food I wouldn't eat the rest of the year (yes I'm looking at you cous cous and halloumi).

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