Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Dan has been to Nottingham for work purposes three times in the past year. Visit 1. stuck for 3 hours in a traffic jam on the way home. Visit 2. a train decided to catch fire near Salford meaning no trains to Manchester on the way home. Visit 3. (yesterday) no trains into Nottingham, had to take the bus from Derby, delayed both ways. I know these things are supposed to come in threes but I think he'd be a crazy person to attempt it again. I hope it brings better fortune to the England cricket team this week. 

I think my new vintage fabric is always going to smell vintagey.

The 30 day squat challenge is going well, for the first time ever I think my quads now balance out my gigantic calves. No knee high boots for me!

My hands have developed a really weird set of lumps all over them. Dan has put it down to washing up so I am banned from doing any for the time being *hooray*. That's one working in my favour.

Surely nothing can go wrong in Birmingham at the weekend..?

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