Monday, 29 July 2013

Cold Weather List

Yes I know, first spot of rain and I'm thinking about winter. But I know we need some fairly expensive stuff to see us through this winter so I need to keep things in mind. It's just the regular stuff - winter boots, coat, warm trousers, curtain linings etc. Our utility bills have rocketed recently, gone are the days of our old house where we paid £24 a month for electricity and about the same for gas! It's quite surprising what the hot weather has taught me about what I need for the cold weather. 

We don't have a stove or a real fire (yet) so we have no alternative cooking method if the electricity goes. Every year we flip flop about buying a little camping stove or similar just in case. We've never had a power cut but with the way things are going maybe that small outlay would help. I really can't decide. Obviously it would be a life saver if we did have a power cut but it would have thingbabies too - something to heat stuff in for a start. The option we've taken in previous years is to have some ready to eat foods in, they're things we like so they'll always be eaten, they're just not hot. 

Last year I sewed linings into the living room curtains, it took all week. During the hot weather we're noticed that although both pairs are thermal linings the pair that are blackout have been better at keeping the heat out. So Dan suggested (with many apologies for creating work for me) that we should consider replacing the non-blackout linings with blackout ones. Of course he's right and of course it's the big pair of curtains that aren't blackout at the minute but it should be worth it. I can then use one of the spare linings as a door curtain for the front door - it's very draughty. At the minute we just use a sheet, it does a job but a thicker one will be even better. 

The one super happy bonus item I already have is an earthenware hot water bottle. I got in Shrewsbury earlier this year for the buns, as I've probably said before. We don't have a microwave so can't get them a snuggle safe but thought they'd like a hot water bottle to give off some heat. No chance, they hate it! So now it's mine!


  1. We are also considering how we can batten down the hatches for winter, whilst loving this warm weather.

    1. Hi, like you I am enjoying the fact we're having summer, not wishing it away at all!