Sunday, 28 July 2013

August Menu Plan Week 1

I'm doing a week by week menu plan for August because there's the not-holiday (I know I've been going on about it but we're really looking forward to the break from normality) and because we haven't stuck to the menu plan recently - mainly due to the weather. So a little, simple plan for the first week should be cheap and cheerful before the main event.

1. red Thai curry using the last blob of frozen thai paste

2. enchiladas using the frozen wraps and leftover bag of salsa
3. biriyani 
4. pasta bake 
5. puff pastry pie with herby potatoes using the last scrape of curry pasta and veg puree
6. plaki with hash 

7. ratatouille with something...
8. leftovers with bulghur 

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