Wednesday, 31 July 2013

August Budget

It's quite simple, £150 for petrol and that's that. The not-holiday budget is a separate thing. We have no plans to buy anything for the house or to do any DIY, there are no plans for anything so the money will be spent on what it's spent on. Hopefully some of it will end up in the savings account or be set aside for ticking a few things off the winter list. Short and sweet. 

The July budget went. We bought a toilet seat, went out a lot, had a fab day in Birmingham, received a crochet Moomin and spent money on DIY things *booo*, there's £1.50 left. There is no grocery budget left, that went a long time ago! But here we are, things are better than they were before and we have yet more stuff planned for the next month or so. Pretty pretty pretty good.

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