Monday, 3 June 2013


There is still no menu plan. There is quite a lot of food though, that's probably the best way around. I can fill in until the end of this week so that's probably also a good thing. I asked Dan for input and was told "plaki". I think that's going to feature a lot. 

Week One plan

1. out

2. chilli w wraps and bulghur (thank you freezer cooking)
3. stirfry
4. tagine (thank you freezer cooking)
5. chilli again
6. nut roast
7. curry w rice (thank you freezer cooking)

Uninventive and unexciting but free. So we won't have to go shopping until Saturday morning. We're hoping the weather will still be good so we can have a day in the garden - it needs it. So we'll shop in the morning when we're full of good intentions.

On an unrelated subject, I know everyone says to never understand the power on online friendships but I've really experienced it this week. I've learned how important a couple of simple words actually mean something real to other people. Not my words of course, goodness me what kind of world would we be in if that was the case?

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