Monday, 10 June 2013


Until very recently I was part of a clique. Of course I didn't really know I was part of a clique because it's really only when you're not on the inside that you know they exist. But now, by my own hand, I am on the outside. And it's very strange, it's all funny and weird, it makes you see "nice" people differently, they can have very cold shoulders. 

Part of not being in the clique is that there's loads of time to do other things such as go into the garden, wrestle with nettles and roll around on the what-is-technically-a-lawn. We did loads this weekend. I think I can now say that the garden has moved from being overgrown to being not too bad (for people who don't really know anything about gardening). I can venture outside and have a sit down without thinking about the hundreds of things that need to be done before the place looks ok. There are still weeds, but they're teeny, there are large areas of the sand pit that is our soil but there are also flowers, butterflies, insects and lovely things. And we did lots of it. 

I can see why people love gardening. 

Just one thing though for any keen gardeners. We have a patch that's totally shady, are there any nice plants that could live there? (not hostas, they're not nice to my eyes).

Widnes lost 32-33 to Wigan on Friday, we should have won, we made daft mistakes. Still, don't we all? (see being on the outside of the clique)


  1. Lily of the valley and bluebells grow in our shady areas as do ferns.
    Love from Mum

  2. Thank you Mum, I love Lily of the valley, I'll get hold of some. I think Father might have some, I'm sure he'd give up a clump for me!