Friday, 7 June 2013

Nothing About Anything

Let's just get this out of the way - it's been great this week hasn't it, even I've gone from pale blue to white. Yesterday I sat out in the gorgeous weather, drinking coffee by the sea when I met an internet person. She was on holiday with her friend in my town and asked if I wanted to meet up so I said yes. I'm glad I did, it was fun. They had bagged the best table with a beach view, I say beach as the sea was nowhere to be seen. I'd never met an internet person before, it was certainly something I'd do again. 

The ultra cheap month hasn't exactly been spend free, we've been to the pub and visited the ice cream van the other day. But it's so nice and we paid ourselves first so I'm just going with it. Tomorrow we will be in the garden, we have promised each other, it must happen. I'm trying to ignore the fact we have no chairs to sit on outside... I have a blanket and a big cushion, that should be good enough for now. Why sit when you can lounge?

We've not been invited to a wedding. We don't want to go to the wedding and I certainly don't want someone to be pressured into inviting us when they don't want to. But it's hanging in the air, FIL has asked us if we've been invited, which means he knows we haven't. So we're whistling and staring somewhere over yonder to avoid discussing it. Hopefully if we avoid the topic for along enough the wedding will happen and it will just go away. Surely if there's a day you should be able to have things just as you like them it should be your wedding. People should attend if they're invited and want to go, they should have a nice time and be a good guest not try to control something that's nothing to do with them.

It's been a brilliant week but it's good to see Friday, Dan's finishing early, we're going to have a floppy afternoon then head off to watch Widnes v Wigan. That's not going to go well but if I wanted to see a team win every week I wouldn't support Widnes would I?

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