Tuesday, 11 June 2013


When we moved in there was a carpet. When we moved in two rabbits also moved in. they liked the carpet so much they ate it. For the past two and a bit years we have had no carpet in the living area. Underneath was not lovely floorboards (we knew this) as we have a splendid mid-sixties house. It's a concrete slab, I like it but it's a bit chilly.

Today we hit the wall. We require flooring. This is not a job we are going to attempt ourselves because we don't want to and we wouldn't do a great job, oh and it would probably never be finished. So today I am window shopping.

It is very boring. 

On a not wholly unrelated note, what is "lifestyle"? Is it a word/concept that has any meaning. I'm starting to think not, well not beyond being a word people use to make things sound a bit more grand than they really are.

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