Tuesday, 25 June 2013

July Menu Plan

When we were with our friends on Sunday they told us on more than one occasion all about the things we take for granted living in this country. Everything from rain, to supermarkets. So that's the spirit I'm going for with this menu plan. The meals may be basic and may even be a bit samey each month but I'm aiming to just make the most of the things we buy each week and enjoy them for what they are, even when it's "just" beans on toast.

1. chilli
2. falafel w. patatas bravas
3. fry up
4. jambalaya
5. curry
6. pasties and  whatever else is lying around

7. pasta
8. picnic
9. dahl stuffed peppers
10 l/o
11 plaki
12 singapore noodles
13 out

14 pizza
15 risotto
16 nut roast w. pepper sauce
17 smoky chilli
18 beans on toast
19 picnic
20 bean burgers

21 pasta
22 red thai curry
23 kebabs w bulghur
24 jacket potatoes w. surprise filling
25 tacos
26 nasi goreng
27 out

28 bol
29 chickpea curry
30 stir fry
31 fajitas

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