Monday, 17 June 2013

Feet Up

Well, one foot up. Doing a spot of hoovering yesterday my body went one way and the bottom half of my leg went the other. Cue a not very brave woman howling on the floor unable to unbend my leg. After gracefully rolling down the stairs - which are not carpeted and have a turn half way down I raised the alarm and was assisted by a very calm and useful Dan. Clunk-click (can we say that these days after all that nasty business?) and it was kind of back to normal. All that's left to show for my pain is pain, a bit of a bruise and a weird lump. 

So, today I must rest. Finally I have the time and inclination to do all those mundane tasks that you can only do if you have 8 hours at your disposal and you don't really want to stand up. I am organising photos on the computer, looking at things for the not holiday and putting tabs on a map of places we might visit at other times. I may go mad, time may fly, who can tell at this stage! 

Also, thank goodness for freezer cooking!

By the way, do you ever get a sense of unease when this time of the month arrives and it still feels like there's a lot of money in your current account. Surely I can't be that great at running the budget... there must be something I've forgotten.


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am arithmetically challenged too. My spreadsheet is legendary.

  2. All hail the mighty spreadsheet! Where would we be without them?