Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Six Hat Holiday

Last year we had a two week holiday. Well, Dan was off work for two weeks and we did stuff. But it wasn't really a holiday for me. I don't mean that to sound whiney or like I'm a spoilt brat, I know it does. But we were at home and although we did some good stuff and had a nice time I still had my normal jobs to do but I had to cram them into a shorter time so we could go off and enjoy ourselves. It's not a big problem but it's also not a holiday. Yes, Dan could do some of the jobs instead but that doesn't really count does it? 

So it's nearly summer. What happens this year? Today I've been handed the task of using the six thinking hats to work through the holiday issue. It's really hard! We never go away and I usually find it really easy to rationale think my way out of wanting to go away - we're saving for things, we live at the seaside, it's expensive, I'm not that bothered and of course the main reason - the rabbits. Two small beasts, so many reasons to stay at home.

Turns out my main reasons for wanting a holiday are - having exciting breakfast, not having to deal with washing up, not making my own bed, not seeing laundry piling up, not having to do a ton of driving about every day. My reasons for not going on holiday are - feeling bad about dumping the rabbits with someone (and more to the point leaving them with someone who won't look after them as well as I do). That is really my only reason to not do it, but it's huge and I won't budge unless it's for something really important. A holiday isn't important, a break from routine is what's important to me. 

So instead of looking at it in terms of either/or I need to look for an and. So I can have a lie in and go out for breakfast or one of us (Dan) can go into town, buy coffee and pastries and bring them home for breakfast. Breakfast and washing up problem solved. I can "pack" enough clothes for the week so they're ready to go then chuck them somewhere to deal with later - no need to think about laundry, I actually don't mind making my bed so that's not really an issue. I can turn of my phone and computer, I can turn off the tv I can retune the radio and switch off the alarm. I can make the decision to not use the time to get DIY done. If I can switch the practical me off for a week and switch on the Club Tropicana me maybe holidaying at home could be good. 

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