Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pay Day

Today is pay day, yesterday was actual pay day but today is the day the grocery and household cash plops into my bank account. And it's burning a hole in my pocket! 

Dan has gone to London for a work thing so he might buy a drink or something to eat on the way home but other than that it's no spend. I have the whole day at home and usually I'd be ordering things or be writing the shopping list for the first shopping trip of the month this evening, but we're not going shopping and I don't need to order anything. We even have meals in the freezer that would do us for the next 3 nights. But I'm so used to shopping on the first day of the month I'm looking for reasons to go to the town and buy something. 

If I went to the town I'd find something to spend money on of course, but it would just be doing it for the sake of it. It's like craving crisps on the first day of a diet, I'm so used to spending it's hard to not crave it today! A weird feeling but the day's half over now so not too long to go!


  1. Maybe have a no spend treat instead. Go to the library and get a new book, then run yourself a bubble bath and have a good read and indulge yourself that way?

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping in, I've enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. I think indulging myself a bit too much is why I'm in this position in the first place *blush*. I pulled a few weeds out of the alpine bed and have done a bit of work on my quilt, always a good thing.

      I guess it's a nice itch to have, better than how I've been in the past - no cash but a need to buy things.