Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Money Round Up

Money has been odd this month due to the mortgage switch, we paid less than usual this month and have a bumper amount to pay next month. So the bank balance looks very positive, but obviously it'll even out soon.

We've done a lot, spent a lot and saved a lot. Upping the savings amount is great for freeing up the rest of our cash. Because we know we're saving a fair bit all other cash seems fair game. Dan stuck an additional £30 into my ISA yesterday too. So we're new target + 8% for this month. There's £8 and some pence left over from the grocery budget, the pantry is still well stocked, there are 6 meals in the freezer, and we aren't in need of anything at the start of next month so it feels pretty good. 

Other than £16 for hay we're doing everything on a cash basis next month. Dan will be withdrawing £160 on 1st June then that's that (£110 general and £50 weekend money). We have our first free fun thing to do too *yay*. Local residents can take advantage of a free wristband for Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It's just entry to the park, not any of the rides, but we have a ton of 2ps so we'll go to the slot machines, have a wander about and take some photos. Assuming the weather is not too bad we'll walk up there as it's only about 3 miles and that will be our day. Not too shabby.

I'm struggling with the menu plan for June. Will it be hot, will it be cold, will the rain continue to pour? I've filled in 6 of 30 days and one of those is "out". I think I'll pencil in stirfry quite a lot and jiggle the flavour and oomph depending on how hot it isn't.


  1. Blackpool pleasure beach sounds fun, and you should get some great photos.

    1. Looking forward to it. I believe the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles are going to be there... exciting!