Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Make a Fist of It

After everything is accounted for next month we will have £114 left for petrol and other things. We will probably fill the car up twice as we're going to watch Widnes (already paid for as we have season tickets) and we'll visit MIL who lives about 45 minutes away as well as Dan getting to work. That will leave a couple of quid per weekend for funtivities. 

With next month being June it should be fairly easy to find enough stuff to do for a couple of quid per weekend, if the weather is nice. There's the annual Sand, Sea and Spray "urban art" festival up the road, that's always a good thing. There's a massive beach, there's a tangled mess of a garden, there's the library, there are 7 books on my kindle, the quilt (let's not talk about that), just having a nice sit down, lots and lots of wandering about. Loads to do and all pretty much free. 

Which brings me to this weekend. This weekend is not going to be free, this weekend is going to be very expensive. We're going on our "dreamt up in the pub" idea of going to York for the day to venture into some of the old pubs we used to visit when we were students. That's fine other than the fact that by the time we moved away from there we both hated the place and it's taking us a lot of getting used to the idea that we might go back for fun! It also takes ages to get there and is expensive on the train. But, all that aside, we're still going. In the spirit of making a fist of it I'm going to make the most of it. This was kind of kicked off by my brother who gently suggested to me that I was stuck in my ways and "it would be good for me to have a change of scenery". And where better to have a change of scenery than somewhere you know really well?

I know when we're standing at Blackburn station waiting for our connection I'll whinge like a nightmare. I know I'll wish we were in the car so I can listen to music, I know lots of things. But I'm thinking about the positive things - going somewhere we don't usually go, using a mode of transport I wouldn't usually take if I'd had my head removed, the freedom to nip into a pub and Dan being able to have a second drink should he choose to (not that this is about drinking really but when there's a nice selection of Belgian beers it's good to have more than one!). Just being in a different place with a different feel and maybe even finding some binding for the quilt (let's not talk about that). In short, I'm going to stop being a grumpy old git and enjoy myself even though my natural instinct is to wish I was in Shrewsbury.

Secretly I am quite excited, mainly because apparently I'm going to learn that there are two 6 o'clocks on a Saturday.

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