Friday, 17 May 2013


I guess I'm not one of those fantastical design and interiors types as I have "stuff" and not "pieces". That word makes me feel weird - chicken pieces, delightful pieces (of furniture). Yuk, it's just so... I don't know, exclusive or something. It's all just stuff. I accept I do overuse the word stuff, but it gets to point across and that's the point of a language - do we understand each other? If yes then nothing else matters. 

No idea where that came from. This morning I very much enjoyed an interview on the radio where a man described us as a nation of "lazy porkers" (and in a very childish way I thought it was funny his name was Currie, I really like curry). Too many fried chicken pieces. I don't know if it was the phrase or the thought that lots of people would be frothing at the mouth at the very idea of someone being so honest. Speaking of frothing at the mouth and exclusivity I should imagine folk will be upset at the getting in bed together of Morrisons and Ocado. Ah well. 

And I have had a bit of a dust up with one of my friends about grammar. We have a very clear and fundamental disagreement about it. He thinks it's acceptable to point out any grammatical error people make, I find it acceptable to point out how rude it is to point these mistakes out to people. We've each retreated to our corner for the minute. 

None of that is the point. Food shopping this week has been odd. I have bought - milk, broccoli, tofu, tamarind & chipotle chutney, vegan marshmallows, hazelnut butter and some buns. That's not going to get me far is it? I was seduced by the health food shop on Carlisle market, spent all my money on fancy things and there's nowt left for more mundane items. 

As previously discussed, the menu plan is out of the window. I won't be going shopping until Tuesday so have to make evening meals from the stuff I bought this week (other than the broccoli, that's for the buns) spinach, a pepper, some celery, a carrot, 3 mushrooms, some pantry stuff and a portion of lentil bol from the freezer. I'm hoping to make stirfry, chickpea and spinach curry, some kind of tagine, jambalaya *hooray*, falafel with some kind of quinoa thing and a bol. There should be enough for all that. Hmmm, wasn't as tough as I thought. Should have kept quiet really. 

Widnes v Huddersfield tonight too, should be... difficult. Bad boyfriend is suspended again.


  1. Great post. Whilst I do believe we should maintain standards of literacy, it does smack of superiority to point out the mistakes of others. Some were not lucky enough to receive a superior education!

  2. Hi,

    I agree with you, literacy is important. Being able to write in Standard English for formal purposes is something we need to negotiate education, work etc. But when we're in a less formal situation such as social networking, forums etc I think intention is more important.

    There are plenty of reasons why someone might make a mistake - not knowing, not caring, genuine mistake, lack of proof reading before posting, posting quickly on a touchscreen. It's not for someone else to point that out imo. Then there are the hundreds of times we intentionally play with language, create new words etc. We can usually get a good idea of the meaning so what's the problem?

    Knowing the sentence structure of a language doesn't mean a person understands a language. My first term at university was all about the syntax of Finnish, easy to grasp as it's highly inflected. Does it mean I have any understanding of the language? Of course not, I just recognise patterns. Not the same thing at all.

    Not that I feel strongly about it or anything :)

  3. I have stuff, I like my stuff, I can speak proper too but don't fink we should correct others innit.