Sunday, 19 May 2013

Goodbye, You Won't Be Missed

The mortgage switch went through fairly painlessly which was good, we're installed with the new bank and have said goodbye to a lender who we really didn't get along with. We went through a broker for the best deal, and it was a great deal. But we quickly got the impression the lender wasn't used to loaning money to folk outside the local area and seemed a bit confused at times that we would be baking with them. Anyway, we were in the happy position that we would be receiving some cashback from them on our departure (not really sure why but there you go). 

We gave them a couple of weeks to sort themselves out, we'd learned their pace of working is glacial. Dan contacted them and spoke to a very lovely and helpful person and he was informed that the money had been sent directly to his current account holding bank. Fine, no problems. The money did indeed show up, well, we guessed it was the money as it was around the right amount but there was no clue who it was from as that line was blank. Dan emailed his current account provider who were baffled where the money came from but they paid it into his account anyway!

All's well that ends well, but I do still worry about these banks!

edited to add - After my slight ranty behaviour about train last week a buddy pointed me in the direction of Red Spotted Hanky, we were both sceptical but gave it a go. Lo and behold tickets for £35 each, free delivery and the tickets arrived in less than 24 hours. Hats off to them for great service. Now, if I get to and from York without frustration or injury I'll call it as close to perfect as it gets. 

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