Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Expensive Things, Free Things, Good Things

Do people really get the train to places? We thought about going somewhere by train, no flipping way. Over fifty pounds to get to York EACH! I don't even like York let alone want to spend that amount of cash getting there. We could get to Copenhagen for that. So that's going to be an expensive day and pointless, but we already knew that. 

Cars, they're also expensive. Car service - two hundred and something and we need two new tyres. Pah. Car services (and Robert Hicks) also prevent you from going to watch St Helens v Widnes, but that's ok because Widnes never win. Except they did for the first time in 19 years 28-35. And we were at home. Double Pah.

Dog watching, that's free and brilliant. Weeding, that's free and is a good thing, cooking, that's cheap, useful and occasionally fun, taking photographs of things is excellent and free. Laughing at Dan when someone asks him if he's in charge of the donkey rides is great fun and almost certainly the highlight of a generally splendid weekend. Well, the highlight other than Widnes beating Saints, because that happened and it was good. 


  1. I think travel of all types is pretty expensive these days, but I've recently discovered that it costs less than £40 to take the train to visit my parents, as opposed to over £100 in petrol, so I've been able to go and see them more regularly than I normally would. And I get to read on the train, too!

    1. That's good.

      I think I'd be more positive about the expense if we could get a direct train or if it didn't take almost an hour longer than driving. However we look at it the train is on to a loser!