Monday, 20 May 2013

About The Sister of the Menu Plan

When it came to looking at the plan in order to get the batch cooking done it turns out we weren't so far off track after all. I had planned to do the cooking this weekend but it didn't happen, there was too much fun to be had. 

There's only one thing on the plan that I now don't want to cook so I'm happy with that. Wow, I sound like such a flibbertyjibbert at the minute. Today I'm going to make - sweet potato and chickpea curry, smoky chilli and a tagine thing as well as whatever we have to eat tonight. The freezer is quite empty at the minute so it needs to be filled. Dan had a good idea about that too. We bought the new tubs for freezer cooking and he suggested keeping the boxes in there when they're empty too. I doubt I'd ever have come up with that and it's a great way to make sure the freezer is running efficiently. 

I usually chop all my veg by hand but now I'm not as fussy as I once was I think I'm going to do the celery, onions and carrots in the food processor today. Hopefully I won't object to the texture too much and it will save a ton of time which can't be a bad thing. 

I was going to get some work done in the garden today but it's raining. My parents brought some edible gifts the other week - the ultimate gift with thing babies. So now I have purple lettuce and strawberries to look after. They also gave me a book about container gardening (Mother is addicted to The Book People). But for today I think I need to turn the garden over to the blackbirds and their babies. I knew there was a nest nearby, they chose somewhere other than our garden this year *boooo* but today was the first time the speckled little'uns showed up.  

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