Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When We First Met

This is nothing about saving money or any of that stuff. Tomorrow it is twelve years since I met Dan. There's nothing particularly remarkable or romantic about how or where we met but that's how good things happen sometimes. 

My friend was 21 that day and there was a big night out planned. I'd been at work since 7.30 that morning and was dead tired, my boss had gone out so after work I hung around talking to the manager of the hotel where I worked until I really couldn't wait any longer and still go on this night out.

So I went home, threw on any old thing, didn't have time for make up or too much primping, thankfully missed the shots of homebrew amaretto when collecting my friend and off we went to the pub (Keystones in York). That's where it began. I was introduced to two lads, one who worked with my friend and his mate. We did the usual "what are you studying?", "which college are you in?" etc. Then of course "where are you from?" and that was it. As soon as I said I was from Runcorn he said "Legoland". Turns out he was doing a Masters in Housing, of course you'd learn all about James Stirling's ill-fated modernist dream that was Southgate

Who can resist a person so interested in Modernism? 

We moved in together five weeks later and have only spent three nights apart since then - and miserable they were too. As for the friend, well, we moved in with her and her boyfriend too. It all went very very wrong and we haven't seen or spoken to each other for over a decade. We could probably laugh about it now but it's probably left where it is. Happy birthday for tomorrow Amy wherever you are. 

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