Thursday, 4 April 2013

Treat Budget

I mentioned before about our weekend treat budget and how it stops us going bonkers. It's £10 each weekend and even though things seem expensive these days there's a lot you can get for a tenner. We spend/waste (depending on your viewpoint) our cash on things like - 

tea and toast at our favourite cafe in town
a second hand game for the laptop or wii
a magazine and a bar of chocolate
music downloads or 3 cds for £6 from the cheapo shop
renting a dvd from the library (£2 but they often have 2 for 1)
going to the cinema (our local cinema is £3.50 for an adult)
watch the Saturday teatime football game at the pub
Fisherman's Friends
a pint before the rugby 
a bag of chips to share on the prom
toy for the buns
a round of crazy golf
donation to the art gallery or museum
parking if we go for a wander somewhere

Yes, beer is the recurring theme. 


  1. Sounds wonderful, but I am not sure I would put Fisherman's Friends on my treat list!

    1. Ha! They're not for everyone that's for sure.

  2. I like this idea & can see how it would help the old brain matter into thinking it's not being deprived or missing out. I think I might include this into our budget for those weekends when the Mister isn't working.

    1. It has really helped us over the years. When we were super skint and paying off our ridiculous debts we had £20 a month which was just about enough to keep us sane and sensible. £10 a week between us goes quite a long way (full disclosure Dan also has a subscription to Wired magazine which cost £22 for 2 years).