Monday, 1 April 2013

Totting Up March

Pretty easy to do, we spent every penny! Contact lenses, tickets galore, topping up the emergency fund after the vet bill, something to do with insurance, a big clothing blow out. It all added up to spending ever penny. We didn't do very well with getting extra cash into savings either, we were target +8% but I guess 8% is better than nothing at all. From next month there will be the addtional £50 a month going in from the mortgage saving (goodbye terrible mortgage lender, hello hopefully better one).

There is 38p left of the grocery budget which is also quite good going as it feels as though I've done nothing but eat recently.

We've made the decision to not buy anything else for the house this year which I think will reduce the cost of our days out as I am generally tempted to buy something cute to remind me of a good day. But you know, I have a camera so can take hundreds of photos for free! 

I'm warming to picnics too. We took one out with us yesterday and it was fine. We kept it simple so there was no faff, that's the only thing I don't like about picnics the half hour it seems to take to get things sorted. But it didn't take that long so it was ok and I was really glad of it yesterday. Plus the coffee was delicious. Well done to Dan as I had no input at all. 

This month is off to an inexpensive start as we've decided to not attend the rugby in Huddersfield today, we're going to listen to it on the radio. Our main expenses this month are - two, maybe three, rugby games two of which are petrol cost only, a trip to Shrewsbury for anniversary celebrations, a toiletries order aaaaand that's about it I think. As ever I am optimistic about hitting bigger savings targets but you never ever know!

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